What I’ve tried.

When i was 20 i knew there is something on the internet that i could make money. first of all i tried Forex and binary options. It went quite good but it was very risky, because in my opinion you have to put many money at risk to have some good results. I didn’t have the capital to do this so i tried something else.

Then i saw a YouTube video about eBooks, so i made 2 eBooks and tried to sell them on amazon. Again, if you want to make this going you have to spend money advertising it. So i made the money that I’ve spent and i was trying to find something else.

After the eBooks i made a blog, and i was hoping to make money by google adsense. It was very interesting but you have to have a good knowledge in building a website. I’ve learned many about this but it had many costs, on advertising, the hosting etc.

So as you can see i tried many ways for making money online, some more are PTC websites, unfortunately gambling (sporting bets), i bought signals for binary options and many more, making gigs on fiver.